Contact Information

Dorint Seehotel Binz-Therme
Strandpromenade 76
18609 Ostseebad Binz

Tel:  +49 38393 60
Fax: +49 38393 61500



Arrival by car

From Cologne coming:

  • from the A3 in the direction of Oberhausen and take the exit A1 in the direction of Dortmund
  • keep right at the highway junction 82-Kreuz Karmener and follow the signs of the A2 in the direction of Richtung Hannover/Bielefeld
  • keep right at the point of separation and follow the A352 in the direction of Hamburg/Hannover-Flughafen
  • drive onto the A7 and keep left there.
  • keep left at the highway junction 37-Dreieck Horster and follow the A1 in the direction of Lübeck/Berlin/Hamburg and than  onwards on the A1, keep right at the point of separation to stay on the A1
  • keep right at the highway junction 24-Kreuz Lübeck and follow the signs of the A20 in the direction of Rostock/Lübeck-Genin/Flughafen Lübeck
  • at the exit 24-Stralsund drive onto B96 in the direction of Stralsund/Sassnitz/Fähre/Insel Rügen and follow the B96.
  • keep left and follow the Greifswalder Chaussee/B96 and the signs in the directions of Sassnitz/Insel Rügen, follow the B96 until you switch onto the B196.

From Munich coming:

  • drive onto the A9 in the direction of A8/Stuttgart/Nürnberg/Flughafen München and follow the A9 until you reach the exit A10 in the direction of Hamburg/Magdeburg/Rostock
  • keep right at the highway junction 21-Dreieck Werder and follow the signs of the A10 in the direction of Prenzlau/Hamburg/Rostock/Potsdam-Nord
  • use the right lane at the highway junction 9-Kreuz Rostockand follow the signs of the A20 in the direction of Stettin/Szczecin/Stralsund/Lübeck/Rostock-West and keep right at the point of separation and further onto the A20
  • at the exit 24-Stralsund drive onto the B96 in the direction of Stralsund/Sassnitz/Fähre/Insel Rügenand follow the B96
  • keep left and drive onto Greifswalder Chaussee/B96 and follow the signs in the direction of Sassnitz/Insel Rügen, follow the B96 weiter and switch onto the B196.

-> Take the second exit Karow at the round about in the direction of Sassnitz/Binz/Naturerbe Zentrum/Nationalpark Jasmund and further onto the L293 (Signs to Binz). Turn left into the Dollahner Str. and turn right at the first intersecting street into the Dollahner Str.. After that you turn left into Dünenstraße and from there you turn left into  Proraer Str.. The hotel will be on the left side.

Arrival by plane

The closest airports are:

  • Rostock-Laage (RLG) ca. 158 km
  • Berlin-Brandenburg (BER) ca. 348 km
  • Hamburg (HAM) ca. 321 km

Sustainable Alternatives


  • The company Flixbus provides direct connections from Berlin and connections with one change from e.g. Cologne or Munich.
  • You can find out more informations here:


  • The station "Ostseebad Binz" is 1 km from the hotel.
  • You can find the connections needed under: